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The successful business requires applications must be always available and easily adaptable to exploit new opportunities. The question is no longer whether to transform aging applications and infrastructure, but how?

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We can help you gain control over legacy applications, inflexible processes and infrastructure that impede your responsiveness and slow progress. And that can help your enterprise grow and innovate.

Applications are at the heart of innovation for businesses. But today many enterprises struggle with too many applications, some of which are aging and inflexible. That diminishes your ability to deliver the products and services customers and partners demand.

Delivering your organisation Flexible, Immediate, Connected, Cost Effective and Mobile-Enabled Applications

Scalable Software from SNT eMotion including

SNT Matrix CRMSNT Matrix CRM

Fully integrated middleware customer relationship management, with integration to ERP and MRP solutions to provide a solution to link business processes like never before

SNT Document ManagmentSNT Document Managment

SNT's innovative Document Management solution provides a fully indexed and robust enterprise document management solution for businesses of all sizes with full web based access and management

SNT Email ArchiveSNT Email Archive

Integrated e-discovery and CRM integration proviedes your business with a new unique focus where email can be shared on demand and provided for business logic like never before

Bespoke IntergrationBespoke Intergration

Where products require bespoke integration our software is geared towards business transformation with significant investment in frameworking our products are agile and can mould to your business process