SNT Companies & Brands

DH Group

Our principal aim is to exceed the expectation of our clients. We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide, tailored to the individual circumstances of the project, large or small. While scrupulously adhering to the terms of contracts we regard it as part of our service to suggest savings and efficiencies should we see these possibilities during the course of our work. We are available for consultation at every stage in the process.

Providing Integrated Electrical Services, Fire Systems and Security Solutions throughout the UK.

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SNT Airbox

We provide the leisure and retail industry with Wireless Hotspots through our unique packages.

SNT Airbox is available with no upfront installation costs or monthly charges, or you can choose one of our other packages. Airbox provides a totally managed service and a unique revenue stream for business.

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SNT Accountants

We have grown to become a leading accountancy firm through reputation alone. At SNT we do things differently.We like to take the time to understand our clients in detail, as we know that’s how we make a positive difference.

All businesses need access to specialist advice and information on a wide range of financial matters and situations. Our broad range of experience working with companies from a broad spectrum of sectors and backgrounds gives you access to accountants who can take an informed and independent view of your business and help you ensure every situation on the financial horizon is planned for and dealt with.

SME businesses often find it hard to justify the costs associated with full internal financial management, full time bookkeeping, an accounts department, payroll manager and a financial director, our Customer Care Guarantee provides you with a tailored services to fit your exact requirements, meaning you can have all of the above with as much or as little support as you need from us.

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SNT Business Process Outsourcing

Providing integrated Business Process Outsourcing Solutions including Technology, Financial and Payroll Solutions for your business, leveraging the latest in technology to simplify your business process and raise productivity.

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SNT Leasing

We work closely with clients and partners to provide the highest levels of business support throughout our focused services and solutions. The group is continually looking for acquisitions and new opportunities, refining our service offerings giving our clients more flexibility and support.

Leasing can provide a tax efficient and effective way of funding new equipment providing fixed repayments, minimal deposits and fixed rates. Leasing Equipment is one option that allows you to get the things you need for your business, without having to pay for the items up front.

Working through all vertical sectors snt Leasing can provide a complete service to you for capital free asset procurement and management.

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SNT Solutions & SNT Cloud

Technology is at the heart of every business and we understand the critical nature of your systems to business success, we become an integrated resource within your business and deliver the highest levels of service and support.

Today’s business landscape is driven by technological innovation and customer expectations. Businesses are required to deliver products and services as quickly and efficiently as possible, provide the customer with a personalised experience and remain agile.

It’s a difficult balance, but one of the most simple ways to increase your agility and transform your technology is through IT outsourcing. Technology Outsourcing allows you to remain agile and adapt to changing business conditions, and improve the reach of your business.

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