One World Foundation

We work closely with the charity sector through our SNT OneWorld Foundation.

We support charity throughout the world with fundraising and support through looking to work towards a change for the better in the world through corporate responsibility and aid.  We are proud to support our chosen charities with more than just fundraising extending our commitment to include providing services, equipment and support charity where it can make a significant difference to peoples lives within the community.

Wilf Ward Family Trust Partnership with SNT Group OneWorld

Working closely with the Wilf Ward Family Trust, who support the community in the area of SNT's Headquarters the North East of England providing respite care and a host of services to people with learning and physical disabilities within the community.

SNT has extended our partnership with the Wilf Ward Trust and is activley engaged on a completley charitable basis providing services and facilities including:

Donation of IT Equipment

Software Platforms for Better Communication

Business Process Re-Engineering

Helpdesk Support

Web Based Management Platforms

IT & Management Consultancy

Richard PickCEO Wilf Ward Family Trust
I cannot thank SNT enough for this incredibly generous commitment which will help deliver huge benifits to the organisiation
John Kerr
SNT Group
We are delighted to be able to support the Wilf Ward Trust with the partnership that has been forged over the past few months. Everyone at SNT Group is excited at the prospect of providing new facilities and support for the greater use of IT for service users and staff alike. After spending some time with the members of the team at the Service Centres provided by the trust I was humbled at the dedication of the people who provide the care, and I would like to take this opportunity to say to everyone who I met during the visits that the work you do is an amazing thing to behold."