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Business Process Outsourcing Distinctive on Seven Dimensions

SNT runs 24 x 7 Business Process Outsourcing operations across all our global delivery centers offer state of the art BPO delivery centers adhere to the highest security, health and safety and ISO 9001 standards.

SNT focuses on hiring the right talent from across the world to meet our client's outsourcing requirements. We recruit across a variety of skill sets to support client programs ranging from complex unscripted customer service calls to simple data entry and indexing processes to complex finance and accounting functions and high end analytics. To ensure that we bring the right talent to bear on our client’s business problems, we have adopted several recruitment techniques including the highly regarded Predictive Index Framework that enables us to match a potential candidate's profile with the requirements of the role being fulfilled.

Learning and Development are at the heart of our employee value proposition. The SNT Learning University gives employees the opportunity to develop and sharpen skills based on their roles and career aspirations. The Academy provides training and development interventions along multiple dimensions including functional, process-related, and softer people management areas. The Academy has in-house curriculum designers, which is fairly unique in the BPO industry, has enabled us to better design learning programs for employees.

Using a proprietary methodology for migrating client programs to our centers, SNT has successfully transitioned several hundreds of processes across different clients, services, geographies and program complexities. Through a dedicated team of both onshore and offshore program managers, SNT works with clients to implement BPO programs that balance the need for early transition with the risks of an expeditious migration. Depending on your needs, the program is structured and implemented using SNT’ proven tools and methodologies.

Quality management officers ensure we meet the highest standards of client service. These roles are integrated with operations and are responsible for rigorously monitoring accuracy, turnaround time and other key metrics. They provide feedback to the operations and identify opportunities for improvement using several quality frameworks like Six Sigma and LEAN among others. As a result, we have successfully increased productivity in the range of 30-60 percent.

SNT’ proprietary technology network called SNTnet is a plug-and-play network that offers 100% uptime and full redundancy. We have over 40 data centres in the UK, US and Europe. Our technology and telecommunications team has extensive experience in applications, network management and technology operations, supported within the cloud with and for IT Technology Outsourcing from SNT Solutions.

Also, as SNT supports leading-edge processes for our clients, there is an increasing need for us to extend our scope to specific technology solutions. Our proprietary platforms facilitate passenger revenue accounting where required, along with cross platform middleware and proces driven framework software to engage in signficant process transformation and productivity enhancements through process transformation

SNT approach to risk management is to segregate risks that need to be managed by line functions and those that need to be managed centrally. The Risk Management team is comprised of highly qualified professionals who work with our clients throughout the engagement to develop customized risk-management solutions covering business continuity, information security and compliance with privacy regulations.
In addition, this team also manages all infrastructure related risks for SNT delivery centers.

a) Information security:

SNT considers information security management to be a risk as well as a market differentiator and hence invests appropriately in implementing strong information security management systems. The information security program at SNT is led by the Chief Information Security Officer ("CISO"), who in turn is assisted by a dedicated team of security professionals. To ensure a minimum baseline standard for information security across the enterprise, SNT has adopted the ISO 27001 information security framework. All SNT delivery centers in the United Kingdom are ISO 27001 certified by a qualified external assessor. In addition, the Security Team ("ST") conducts regular internal information security audits which cover, information asset management procedures, IT security, personnel security, physical and environmental security, business continuity, change management, incident management and compliance with contractual obligations. An annual third party penetration test is conducted to ensure that our security perimeter defenses are operating effectively. SNT is also one of the first BPOs in India to achieve compliance with the PCI Industry Data Security Standard v1.1 ("PCI DSS") across the enterprise to ensure that appropriate security measures are implemented to protect cardholder data accessed by our employees.

b) Privacy:

The SNT Risk Management team works closely with our client’s privacy officers to understand their privacy obligations to regulators in their respective countries. Wherever recommended by regulation / legislation, SNT enters into data protection agreements, on the basis of model contracts prescribed by the relevant authorities and implements technical and organizational safeguards to ensure privacy of end-customer's personal information. More often than not, SNT is not the data controller and follows processing instructions as provided by our clients to ensure compliance with overseas privacy regulations. In addition,

c) Infrastructure Risk Management:

Our team of infrastructure risk specialists work closely with the Facilities and Projects teams to identify and shortlist BPO delivery centers across the world that conform to SNT internal infrastructure risk standards. These standards have been drawn up specifically to enable 24x7 BPO operations by ensuring continued availability of premises through location risk assessment and management techniques, continuity of critical utilities such as power and HVAC through designing and provisioning of diesel / gas based generator sets / uninterrupted power supply units, and the safety of our premises and people through selection and design of fire alarm systems, access control and CCTV systems.

d) Business Continuity Planning

SNT business continuity planning ("BCP") team comprises of personnel that are members of either the Business Continuity Institute, UK or the DRI International, US. This team engages with our clients early in their outsourcing programs during the contracting stage, to understand how processes that are proposed to be outsourced impact the clients business in the event of their discontinuance. This enables clients to take an informed decision whether the "candidate" processes need to be split between 2 or more SNT BPO delivery centers, which provides a high level of redundancy. During transition, the SNT BCP team works closely with process owners to assess continuity requirements and develop appropriate business continuity strategies. These strategies could include partial or complete work transfer to an alternate SNT delivery center or even transfer of work to the onshore client location (if possible). The focus of our BCP program is to offer practical and cost-effective BPO solutions to our clients.