Technology from SNT provides Agile, Secure Resilient Solutions. Everything from Technology Integration, Outsourcing, Disaster Recovery and Web Systems and Software


Process Outsourcing allows our clients to gain impressive benefits that leverage processes and drive business performance through close partnership with SNT, leveraging the best people and technology

Facility Maintenance

Our broad range of skill, knowledge and experience allows us to bring a unique vision to our clients including Electrical Services, Fire Safety Systems and Security Solutions with Design, Installation and Maintenance capabilities


Our Financial Services provide our clients with integrated solutions including our Accountancy Practice, Business Asset Leasing and Corporate Insurance integrating with our other services

Our Strategy

The group's strategy is to focus on the core business of providing delivery of a wide range of business support and management activities, while at the same time exploiting the full potential of our complementary businesses services for our clients giving them simplicity when SNT are delivering solutions.

SNT Group

Our services follow a refined ethos allowing your business to grow with our support services

Why SNT?

Working closely with clients and partners to provide the highest levels of business support throughout our focused services and solutions

Our Ethos

We continually strive for new opportunities to enhance our offerings, refining our service offerings giving our clients more flexibility and support.

Your SNT

Our services are designed to offer a fully integrated portfolio of services to support your businesses, our clients can build a range of services that fully support our clients