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Technology from SNT means products that cater for the modern business. Everything from technical support and troubleshooting, through to on site maintenance, upkeep and company wide solutions


Process outsourcing can help companies gain impressive benefits that leverage processes and drive business performance, we engage as at every level to ensure that a successful partnership is forged to best support your business


We provide prompt, personal and efficient service over the whole range of our business areas, bringing to each job the highest standards of workmanship, and staying in close touch with our clients at all stages throughout the contract.


Leasing and Insurance Products. The group is continually looking for acquisitions and new opportunities, refining our service offerings giving our clients more flexibility and support.

SNT Group

Services from SNT Group follow a refined ethos and growing your business with us can result in a plethora of opportunity

Working closely with clients and partners to provide the highest levels of business support throughout our focused services and solutions

The group is continually striving for new opportunities to enhance our offerings, refining our service offerings giving our clients more flexibility and support.

Our services are designed to offer a fully integrated service to support your businesses maintenance and reactive support needs.


Our Stratergy

The group's strategy is to focus on the core business of providing delivery of a wide range of business support and management activities, while at the same time exploiting the full potential of our complementary businesses integrating Solutions for our clients giving them simplicity when SNT are delivering solutions.

Decrease Management Duplication, Processes and Associate Costs

Reduce Operational Risk through Compliance and Process Management

Mitigate Delivery Risk through Continued Improvement

Provide Business Intelligence Lead Processes

Standarise and Streamline Systems

Enhance our clients Business Support Services